Accent on Afghanistan: Dari, The Language And Culture Of Afghanistan

Accent on Afghanistan – Dari The Language and Culture of Afghanistan Audio CD – Flash Cards – Reference Guide – Cultural Notes Get Pashto Language Learning click here Accent on Afghanistan – Dari – Language and Culture of Afghanistan – Audio and Book Brand New : 1 CD This package includes a 3-ring binder with 32 flash cards audio CD 20-page booklet and fold-over quick reference card in wrap-around case. It covers simple phrases in basic Dari and the rich traditions of the Afghan nation. Learn in the written guide the culture – history geography people food religion customs – plus dos and donts for interaction with native-born residents. About the Afghan Language Dari Dari (Persian: #1583; #1585; #1740;) is the official name for the Persian language spoken in Afghanistan and is a synonymous term for Parsi. Origin of the word quot;Dari quot; There are different opinions about the origin of the word Dari. The majority of scholars believe that Dari refers to the Persian word darb #257;r meaning quot;Court quot; as it was the formal language of the Sassanids. This opinion is supported by medieval sources and early Islamic historians. Geographical distribution In Afghanistan Dari is also called Farsi or Parsi. These different names have been used synonymously to refer to the spoken language. Iranian languages are widely used language in Central Asia both by native speakers and as trade languages. Many of these languages are frequently mutually intelligible. Dari is a branch of the Indo-Iranian (Indo-Aryan) languages a subfamily of the Indo-European languages. There are three different phases in the development of Indo-Iranian languages: Old Middle and Modern.[citation needed] Old Dari/Farsi and the Avestan language represents the old stage of development and were spoken in more here…..

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