Alternative Replacement glued Dial Cover for 802 Telecom / PMG Rotary dial phone

Replacement Glued Dial Label plastic cover a cheaper alternative to the genuine dial cover (available here) A 802 Telecom/PMG telephone without a dial cover. It jsut makes them look unfinished broken. First insert a replacement dial label (which you can get here). Then put 3 or 4 spots of glue (super glue or clear plastic glue) on the plastic around the edge of the dial label. Then peel off the protective cover of the clear dial label which is cut to the exact size of the dial and place the clear label in the dial depression. Wait for the glue to dry and the 802 phone looks great. Its not as good as the genuine dial cover here but it is close and makes the phone look so much better. We send you ONE replacement dial cover that you can glue onto your phone. It is cut to fit the 802 series Telecom/PMG phones. You will need to get your own superglue or similar plastic glue to attach it to the dial. This does not include the paper dial label you can get a set of paper replacement dial labels here .Replacement glued Dial Cover for 802 series Telecom PMG Vintage Retro Rotary dial phones much more info

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