Hands-On Healing – William Bengston – Audio CD

Hands-On Healing William Bengston Other Mindfulness Audio Books click here Hands-On Healing – William Bengston – Audio Book CD Brand New (still shrink wrapped): 6 CDs 6 Hours Hands-On Training in a Breakthrough Healing Technique Does hands-on healing work and can it be taught? Like many scientists Dr. William Bengston would once have dismissed this phenomenon as an example of the power of suggestion. But after 35 years of extraordinary research Dr. Bengston has demonstrated time and again that hands-on healing works-even on some conditions that have no conventional treatment. With Hands-On Healing he brings you an in-depth training course in the method that produces reliable results in the laboratory-and can trigger profound transformation and healing for those who learn it. Image Cycling-the Key to Hands-On Healing At the core of Dr. Bengstons hands-on healing method is a unique process he calls image cycling. Requiring no preconceptions beliefs or inherent psychic gifts this learnable skill circumvents our conscious limitations to access a deeper source of healing intelligence that we all possess. With detailed instruction competency-building exercises and playful strategies for getting your own ego out of the way Dr. Bengston guides you through each step toward mastery of this powerful technique. Learn Potent Tools to Spark Your Healing Potential Skeptical scientists and energy practitioners alike have been astonished by the consistent measurable success of Dr. Bengstons healing method. Yet even after decades of study Dr. Bengston theorizes that we have only glimpsed a tiny fraction of our potential. With Hands-On Healing he invites you learn a powerful technique to ignite your own abilities-and to join him in an ever-expanding experiment to chart our untapped capaci extra

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