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Quick and Simple Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese Totally Audio 4 CDs Get Other Brazilian Portuguese language learning Audio click here Quick and Simple Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese – 4 Audio CDs Brand New : 4 Audio CDs Q S Brazilian Portuguese includes the first 8 lessons from the Pimsleur Comprehensive Level I. 4 hours audio-only effective language learning with real-life spoken practice sessions. You re not just learning quot;phrases quot; with The Pimsleur reg; Method you re acquiring essential conversational Brazilian Portuguese! You ll be thrilled to discover you can hold a real conversation in Brazilian Portuguese when you have finished these eight 30-minute lessons! Dr. Paul Pimsleur s original and unique method enables you to acquire Brazilian Portuguese as effortlessly as children absorb their native language. You will succeed because the Pimsleur program makes sure that you learn vocabulary and grammar correctly and easily in conversational settings without mindless repetition. Pimsleur is the only language program that includes exclusive copyrighted memory training that ensures you will always remember what you have learned. When you finish these lessons you ll be so delighted with you fast-growing spoken language skills you ll want to continue with the full 30-lesson Pimsleur reg; Program. And to make it easier we ve included a trade-up coupon in this package that will give you a $50.00 savings when you purchase the Level I Brazilian Portuguese Comprehensive Program. Learn at your own pace — comfortably and conveniently. About the Brazilian Portuguese Language Brazilian Portuguese is a group of dialects of Portuguese written and spoken by virtually all the 184 million inhabitants of Brazil and by a couple of million Brazilian emigrants mainly in the United States United Kingdom Portugal Canada Japan and Paraguay. The differences between European Portuguese and standard Brazilian Portuguese are comparable to those one might find when comparing British and American English. The Brazilian formal written standard which is defined by law and international agreements with other Portuguese-speaking countries is actually very similar to the European one; but there are nevertheless many differences in spelling lexicon and grammar. European and Brazilian writers also have markedly different preferences when choosing between supposedly equivalent words or lots more

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