Sacred Grief – Simonette Vaja – AudioBook CD

Sacred Grief by Simonette Vaja 1 CD meditation audio CD Other Simonette Vaja Audio CDs click here Get other Meditation Audio CDs click here Sacred Grief – By Simonette Vaja – Meditation Audio CD Brand New 1 CD About Sacred Grief Guided meditations to support you at this significant time; offering strength and inspiration through your grief and loss. Developed and spoken by Australian psychologist Simonette Vaja CD includes: Track 1: Introduction: Ways of care 1:45 Track 2: Time to grieve 3:45 Track 3: Tears from your heart 9:00 Track 4: Forever in your heart 10:45 Track 5: Sacred poem 1:19 Track 6: Lake Visualisation for inner peace 20:10 About Simonette Vaja Since 1991 I have owned and directed my own psychology practice and combined practices throughout the lower North Shore: Northbridge North Sydney Neutral Bay Mosman and currently Avalon and CBD practices. I developed authored and directed a successful community based self awareness program called Wild at heart creativity and self expression groups. In 2000 I contracted my own Facilitator for Life training component of the course to Nature Care College and was contracted for a 5 year term teaching to allied health professionals and students of the college. In brief the psychological approaches involved draw upon adult learning principles Eastern Taoism and humanistic leadership; experiential learning creative arts as tools for transformation and change. Essentially the weekly course invites participants to tell their story through the Creative Arts: a positive orientation an uplifting approach to personal growth intent on building meaningful connection and acceptance of diversity. With over 18 years experience working as a psychotherapist/registered psychologist and mental health professional I have consulted to tho more…..

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