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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FAA, FRS, QC, ended up being an Australian politician together with twelfth Prime Minister of Australian Continent. Robert Gordon Menzies came to be to James Menzies and Kate in Jeparit, a city inside Wimmera

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Robert Menzies Forgotten People - Judith Brett USED - 1992 edition paperback in good condition Get other Books about Sir Robert Menzies click here In 1941 RG Menzies delivered to war-time Australia what was to be his richest most creative speech and one of his most influential. The Forgotten People was a direct address to the Australian middle class the "people" who would return him to power in 1949 and keep him there until his retirement in 1966. Who were these forgotten people? The middle-class pitting their values of hard work and independence against the collectivist ethos of labour? Women shunning the class-based politics of men? The parents of Menzies' childhood in the small country town of Jeparit? And how did this relate to his fervently-held belief in his status as a Briton the boundaries of which nation were "not on the Kentish Coast but at Cape York and Invercargill"? Judith Brett deftly traces the links between the private and public meanings of Menzies' political career. Taking us deep into both the man and the cultur extra info

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Sir Robert Menzies an informal Memoir - by Sir Percy Joske USED - paperback in good condition Get other Books about Sir Robert Menzies click here ROBERT GORDON MENZIES - Loved hated and revered throughout his life. To some he was a master politician a 'prince among men' a colossus bestriding his time; to other he appeared aloof and arrogant an autocrat a one-man parliament. This personal memoir by the Honourable Sir Percy Joske G.M.C. Q.C. a close personal friend and colleague of Menzies his values and beliefs. About the subject Sir Robert Menzies Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (20 December 1894 – 15 May 1978) Australian politician was the 12th and longest-serving Prime Minister of Australia. His first term as Prime Mi more data

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politics books
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The Measure of the Years by Sir Robert Menzies USED - hardback with dustjacket in good condition 1970 edition Get other Books about Sir Robert Menzies click here The Measure of the Years contains the reminiscences of the most distinguished and best-loved Commonwealth statesman. The record of those eighteen years during which he presided over the making of modern Australia is the heart of this book. Sir Robert provides an enlightening account of Australia’s role in the development of South-East Asia; of the vital ANZUS treaty with New Zealand and the United States the keystone of the new Pacific structure and a forerunner of SEATO; and of the burying of the hatchet with Japan. He records wide reforms in economic policy and the social services; most fascinating of all he tells the inside story of the Petrov spy scandal cause of unprecedented Parliamentary scenes at the time and of bizarre rumours since. With final chapters on Sir Robert’s two great loves the much more info

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The Measure of the Years by Sir Robert Menzies USED - hardback with dustjacket in good condition 1970 edition signed by Sir Robert Menzies to "Hannah" who was Lady Lloyd-Jones in 1970 Get other Books about Sir Robert Menzies click here The Measure of the Years contains the reminiscences of the most distinguished and best-loved Commonwealth statesman. The record of those eighteen years during which he presided over the making of modern Australia is the heart of this book. Sir Robert provides an enlightening account of Australia’s role in the development of South-East Asia; of the vital ANZUS treaty with New Zealand and the United States the keystone of the new Pacific structure and a forerunner of SEATO; and of the burying of the hatchet with Japan. He records wide reforms in economic policy and the social services; most fascinating of all he tells the inside story of the Petrov spy scandal cause of u come here

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Afternoon Light by Sir Robert Menzies Some Memories Of Men And Events USED - hardback with dustjacket in average condition 1967 edition with some tears in the dustjacket Get other Books about Sir Robert Menzies click here The man who for eighteen years was Prime Minister of Australia records with wit and humanity his recollections of world events he helped to shape and of the men he met in public life – Churchill Baldwin Chamberlain Attlee Roosevelt Kennedy de Gaulle Nasser and many others. About the subject Sir Robert Menzies Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (20 December 1894 – 15 May 1978) Australian politician was the 12th and longest-serving Prime Minister of Australia. His first term as Prime Minister commenced in 1939 after the death in office of the United Australia Party leader Joseph Lyons and a short-term interim premiership by Sir Earle Page. His party narrowly won the 1940 election which produced the first hung parliament in Australian history with the support of independent MPs in the House. A year later his government was brought down by those same MPs crossing t more advice

Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FAA, FRS, QC, ended up being an Australian politician together with twelfth Prime Minister of Australian Continent. He served over 18 collective ages, and it is Australian Continent's longest-serving prime minister.

Robert Gordon Menzies came to be to James Menzies and Kate in Jeparit, a city inside Wimmera region of northwestern Victoria, on 20 December 1894. Their father James is a storekeeper, the child of Scottish crofters who had immigrated to Australia into the mid-1850s inside aftermath regarding the Victorian gold rush. Their maternal grandfather, John Sampson, ended up being a Cornish miner from Penzance which additionally stumbled on seek their fortune on goldfields, in Ballarat. Menzies ended up being happy with their mama's beginnings. Cornish writer A. L. Rowse published, 'whenever Menzies seen united states he said he was a Cornish Sampson on his mother's part.' Their father and one of his uncles, Hugh Menzies, was in fact people in the Victorian Parliament, while another uncle, Sydney Sampson, have represented the Division of Wimmera in the home of Representatives. He was proud of his Highland ancestry – their enduring nickname, Ming, originated in /ˈmɪŋəs/, the Scots – and his own favored – pronunciation of Menzies. His middle title, Gordon, was given to your in honour and memory of Charles George Gordon, a British army officer killed in Khartoum in 1885.

Menzies' formal studies started at Humffray Street condition School in Bakery slope, Ballarat, after that later on at private class in Ballarat. He went to in Melbourne and studied law within institution of Melbourne, graduating in 1916.

When World War I started, Menzies ended up being 19 years old and held a percentage within the institution's militia unit. He resigned their fee at the really time rest of his years and class clamoured is permitted to get. It had been later on claimed that, considering that the family members have made an adequate amount of a sacrifice into war with the enlistment of two of three eligible brothers, Menzies should stay in order to complete his researches. Menzies himself never explained the key reason why he selected to not ever get. Subsequently he had been prominent in undergraduate activities and claimed educational rewards and stated himself becoming a patriotic supporter of this war and conscription. Menzies is admitted to your Victorian Bar and the High legal of Australia in 1918 and very quickly became certainly one of Melbourne's trusted attorneys after developing his very own training. In 1920 he married Pattie Leckie, the girl of national Nationalist, and soon after Liberal, MP, John Leckie.
The UAP ended up being formed in 1931 by work dissidents and a traditional coalition as a response towards the most radical economic proposals of Labor Party members to cope with the fantastic despair in Australia. Lyons and Fenton's resistance toward financial guidelines of the Scullin Labor Government had drawn the help of prominent Australian conservatives, called "the Group", whose quantity included future prime minister Robert Menzies. In parliament on 13 March 1931, however still an associate regarding the ALP, Lyons supported a no self-confidence movement resistant to the Scullin Labor authorities. Quickly afterward, Lyons, Fenton and four various other right-wing Labor MPs--Moses Gabb, Allan man, Charles McGrath and John Price—resigned through the ALP in protest for the Scullin federal government's financial plans. On 7 May, the Nationalist opposition, the six Labor dissidents, and former Prime Minister Billy Hughes' Australian Party, combined to create the UAP. Even though the brand-new party is ruled by previous Nationalists, Lyons is picked as new celebration's leader, and therefore became chief of Opposition.

Claiming that Scullin national ended up being incompetent at handling the economic climate, they supplied old-fashioned deflationary financial policies as a result to Australian Continent's economic crisis. Though it was basically an upper- and middle-class conventional party, the existence of ex-Labor MPs with working-class experiences, more obviously the party commander, Lyons, let the party to provide a convincing image of national unity transcending class barriers. Its slogan is "All for Australia plus the Empire".

An additional split, this time around of left-wing NSW Labor MPs which supported the unorthodox economic guidelines of NSW top-quality Jack Lang, price the Scullin national its parliamentary bulk. In November 1931, Lang work dissidents smashed with all the Scullin government and joined up with utilizing the UAP resistance to pass a no-confidence movement, forcing an earlier election.
In 1928, Menzies gave up their legislation rehearse to submit condition parliament as a part associated with Victorian Legislative Council from East Yarra Province, representing the Nationalist celebration of Australia. His candidacy was almost beaten when a small grouping of ex-servicemen assaulted your when you look at the press for not having enlisted, but he survived this crisis. The next seasons he changed towards Legislative installation because the user for Nunawading. Before the election, he launched the teenage Nationalists as their celebration's childhood wing and supported as the first president. He had been Deputy Premier of Victoria from May 1932 until July 1934.

Menzies utilized in federal politics in 1934, representing the United Australia Party when you look at the upper-class Melbourne electorate of Kooyong. He had been instantly appointed Attorney-General and Minister for business in the Lyons authorities. In 1937 he had been appointed a Privy Councillor.

In belated 1934 and early 1935 Menzies, after that Attorney-General, unsuccessfully prosecuted the Joseph Lyons federal government's instance when it comes to attempted exclusion from Australian Continent of Egon Kisch, a Czech Jewish communist. While some saw this as an early on exemplory case of his anti-Communism, rest suspected and recharged Menzies with holding Nazi sympathies. After the outbreak of World War II Menzies attempted to distance himself from their activities as Attorney-General in this affair by saying inside Minister Thomas Paterson had been accountable since he made the original order to omit Kisch.

In August 1938, as Attorney-General of Australian Continent in pro-Appeasement Lyons federal government, Menzies seen Germany, allowing it to be known which he is "prepared to provide Hitler the main benefit of the doubt, and draw my conclusions about Germany myself." Animosity developed between Sir Earle web page and Menzies that was aggravated when web page became performing Prime Minister during Lyons's disease after October 1938. Menzies and web page attacked each other publicly. He later on became deputy commander of the UAP. His followers stated he had been Lyons's natural successor; their critics accused Menzies of attempting to press Lyons out, a charge he denied. In 1938 his opposition ridiculed him as "pig-iron Bob", the consequence of their professional fight with waterside workers whom rejected to load scrap iron for sale to Imperial Japan. In 1939, however, he resigned through the case in protest at postponement regarding the national insurance coverage system. With Lyons's unexpected death on 7 April 1939, webpage became interim Prime Minister before the UAP could elect a leader.
A minority authorities or a minority pantry was a cabinet of a parliamentary system created whenever a governmental party or coalition of events does not have most total chairs in parliament it is sworn into federal government because of the outside support of the more events to-break a Hung Parliament election consequences. Such a government, legislation can simply become passed away using support of other events so that you can offer a majority, motivating multi-partisanship. Additionally it is generally a minority parliament. In bicameral parliaments, the definition of relates to the situation when you look at the chamber whose esteem is recognized as most important.

In general a minority federal government is often less steady than a majority government, considering that the resistance constantly - if it can unite for the purpose - try stronger enough to bring down the government with an easy vote of no self-confidence.
On 18 April 1939 Menzies was chosen Leader for the UAP and had been sworn in as Prime Minister eight days later on. An emergency arose virtually straight away, but when Page declined to offer under your. In an exceptional personal assault in the House, webpage accused Menzies of cowardice for devoid of enlisted in the War, as well as treachery to Lyons. Menzies after that created a minority authorities. Whenever web page was deposed as nation celebration chief a couple of months later, Menzies reformed the Coalition with webpage's successor, Archie Cameron. On 3 September 1939 Britain and France stated war on Germany because of its intrusion of Poland on 1 September, leading to the start of World War II. Menzies responded immediately by also declaring Australia to be at war meant for Britain, and delivered a radio broadcast toward country thereon same day, which started:
“ Fellow Australians. It really is my melancholy duty to inform you formally that in result of a perseverance by Germany inside her intrusion of Poland, Great Britain has actually announced war upon her and therefore, because of this, Australia can also be at war. ”

Hence Menzies found himself a wartime frontrunner of a tiny country of 7 million people that depended on Britain for defence contrary to the looming risk of the Japanese kingdom, with 100 million group, an extremely effective military, and a hostile international policy that searched south. He performed his far better rally the country, nevertheless the sour memories for the disillusionment which followed the whole world War we made his task tough, this being compounded by Menzies' not enough a site record. More, as Attorney-General and Deputy Prime Minister, Menzies had made the state visit to Germany in 1938, once the official policy of Australian national, supported by the resistance, echoed the United Kingdom in encouraging Neville Chamberlain's rules of Appeasement. He led the Coalition to the 1940 election and lost the big majority he had passed down from Lyons. The effect ended up being a hung parliament, using the Coalition two seats in short supply of a majority but Menzies were able to form a minority government utilizing the assistance of two separate MPs, Arthur Coles and Alex Wilson. Work, led by John Curtin, rejected Menzies' provide to form a war coalition, and opposed with the Australian military for a European war, preferring maintain they home to defend Australia. Work agreed to take part in the Advisory War Council. Menzies delivered the bulk of the military to aid the British in the centre East and Singapore, and informed Winston Churchill the Royal Navy needed seriously to strengthen their western causes.
Menzies and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in 1941

From 24 January 1941 Menzies spent four months in Britain discussing war approach with Churchill along with other Empire leaders, while their place in the home deteriorated. Professor David time, an Australian historian, have posited that Menzies may have replaced Churchill as British Prime Minister, which he had some help in britain for this. Assistance originated in Viscount Astor, Lord Beaverbrook and previous WWI Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who had been trenchant critics of Churchill's purportedly autocratic style, and favoured replacing your with Menzies, who had some community help for remaining on in War pantry when it comes to extent, that has been strongly supported by Sir Maurice Hankey, former WWI Colonel and member of both WWI and WWII War Cabinets. Author Gerard Henderson has actually rejected this concept, but records professors Judith Brett and Joan Beaumont assistance Day, as does Menzies' child, Heather Henderson, just who claimed Lady Astor "even offered all her sapphires if he'd stick to in The united kingdomt".

Whenever Menzies emerged residence, he discovered he'd lost all help, and had been obligated to resign on 27 August. The UAP was therefore bereft of management so it looked to previous Prime Minister Billy Hughes as its newer frontrunner. But the nearly 78-year-old Hughes is regarded as a stopgap frontrunner, and a joint UAP-Country Party seminar decided on nation celebration frontrunner Arthur Fadden as Coalition leader—and hence Prime Minister—even though the nation Party had been nominally the junior lover into the Coalition. Menzies is sour concerning this therapy from their peers, and almost kept politics, but had been persuaded in order to become Minister for Defence Co-ordination in Fadden's cupboard.
In the Imperial meeting in London in 1937, the Australian national have agreed to develop a War Cabinet on the outbreak of war. The Full pantry authorized the synthesis of the War Cabinet on 26 September 1939. As neither Earle Page's Country Party nor John Curtin's Australian work celebration would participate in a coalition national with Menzies' United Australia celebration, the War case at first contains:

Robert Menzies
Richard Casey
Geoffrey Road
George McLeay
Henry Gullett
William Hughes
Menzies developed a large popular base of assistance by his regular appeals, frequently by broadcast, to ordinary non-elite working people who he labeled as The Forgotten People—especially those who weren't residential district and wealthy or members of organised labour. He clarified his desired base in a speech on 22 May 1942 which was widely distributed:

"i really do perhaps not believe the actual life of this nation is usually to be receive either in great luxury resort hotels and petty gossip of alleged fashionable suburbs, or perhaps in the officialdom of organised masses. It really is found within the homes of individuals who tend to be nameless and unadvertised, and who, whatever their particular individual spiritual belief or dogma, see inside their young ones their particular best contribution to the immortality of their battle. Your home could be the foundation of sanity and sobriety; this is the indispensable condition of continuity; their wellness determines the healthiness of community all together."

Fadden's national ended up being defeated in Parliament later on in 1941 after the two separate MPs crossed a floor, allowing Curtin to form a work minority authorities. Fadden ended up being named as commander associated with Opposition, and Menzies moved to the backbench.

Work obtained the 1943 election with 49 of 74 seats and 58.2 per cent associated with two-party-preferred vote also a Senate vast majority. Hughes resigned as UAP leader, and Menzies returned to the management. Fadden yielded the article of resistance commander back to Menzies too. Realizing which he have inherited a celebration in a state of near-paralysis, Menzies presented some meetings during 1944 to talk about creating a unique anti-Labor party to replace the UAP. This is the Liberal celebration of Australian Continent, that was established at the beginning of 1945 with Menzies as commander and passed down the UAP's role as elder companion when you look at the Coalition. Curtin died in workplace in 1945 and ended up being succeeded by Ben Chifley.

The reconfigured Coalition encountered their very first nationwide test in the 1946 election. It obtained 26 of 74 seating on 45.9 percent of this two-party vote, and stayed in minority within the Senate. Comments that "we cannot win with Menzies" began to circulate in the traditional press especially after it absolutely was released that a circular he sent to Defence division regarding wounded troops from both the very first and 2nd globe War getting a pension increase. In it he stated that "....a lifeless soldier price a letter residence and a plaque, history provided for their families. A wounded soldier haunted governing bodies for decades."

Within the after that couple of years, but the anti-communist environment associated with early cool War began to erode work's assistance. In 1947, Chifley established that he intended to nationalise Australian Continent's exclusive financial institutions, stimulating intense middle-class opposition which Menzies successfully exploited. With all the reduced house enlarged from 74 to 121 seats, the Menzies Liberal/Country Coalition obtained the 1949 election with 74 residence seats and 51.0 percent associated with the two-party vote but remained in minority in Senate.
Federal elections were held in Australian Continent on 10 December 1949. All 121 seats in the home of Representatives, and 42 of the 60 chairs in Senate were up for election. The incumbent Australian Labor celebration led by Prime Minister of Australia Ben Chifley was beaten by the opposition Liberal Party of Australian Continent led by Robert Menzies with coalition partner the Country celebration led by Arthur Fadden.

How many MPs both in homes was enhanced at the election, and solitary transferable vote under a proportional voting program was in fact launched in the Senate. Though work lost national, work retained a Senate vast majority at the election. But this ended within 1951 election. Using Senate alterations in room, work has not presented a Senate majority since.
With a Senate minority when it comes to latest Menzies authorities, Menzies introduced legislation in 1951 to ban the Communist Party, wishing the Senate would decline it and give him a trigger for a two fold dissolution election, but work allow costs pass. It had been later ruled unconstitutional by the High Court. But once the Senate declined their banking bill, he labeled as a double dissolution election. The Menzies authorities won 69 of 121 chairs and 50.7 per cent of the two-party vote in the 1951 election and attained control of the Senate. Later in 1951 Menzies made a decision to hold a referendum in the concern of altering the Constitution to allow the parliament to help make laws according of Communists and Communism in which he stated this is needed for the security of Commonwealth. If passed, this might posses considering a government the energy to present a bill proposing to ban the Communist celebration. Chifley died a few months following the 1951 election. The latest work leader, Dr H. V. Evatt, campaigned resistant to the referendum on municipal liberties grounds, and it is narrowly beaten. Menzies delivered Australian troops to your Korean War.
Queen Elizabeth II with Menzies at the state features during the woman very first trip to Australian Continent in 1954

Economic climates deteriorated, however, and Labor ended up being confident of winning the 1954 election. Briefly prior to the election, Menzies announced that a Soviet diplomat in Australian Continent Vladimir Petrov, had defected, and that there was clearly evidence of a Soviet spy ring-in Australian Continent, including people in Evatt's staff. Evatt sensed compelled to state on the floor of Parliament he'd physically written to Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov, whom guaranteed your there were no Soviet spy bands in Australian Continent, bringing the home into silence momentarily before both side of Parliament laughed at Evatt's naivety.

This Cold War scare ended up being claimed by some allow the Menzies authorities to win the election. The Menzies federal government claimed 64 of 121 seating and 49.3 per cent associated with the two-party vote. Evatt accused Menzies of organizing Petrov's defection. The aftermath of this 1954 election caused a split in Labor Party, with a few anti-Communist users from Victoria defecting to make the Australian work Party. The newest party directed its preferences on Liberals, using the Menzies government re-elected with a heightened vast majority in the 1955 election. Menzies had been reelected very nearly as easily in the 1958 election, once more with the aid of tastes from just what have get to be the Democratic work celebration. By this time the post-war economic recovery was in full move, fuelled by massive immigration additionally the growth in housing and production that this created. Costs for Australian Continent's agricultural exports were furthermore large, making sure rising earnings.

After the Egyptian dictator Colonel Nasser's nationialisation for the Suez Canal business on 26 July 1956, Menzies led a delegation to Egypt to try to push Nasser to compromise because of the West. Although, at that time it was seen as guaranteeing Menzies' reputation as a world statesman, it absolutely was of vital relevance to Australian Continent's shipping trade with Britain. Menzies publicly supported the Anglo-French invasion of Egypt during the Suez Crisis.

Labor's newer leader, Arthur Calwell, gave Menzies a scare after an ill-judged squeeze on credit – an endeavor to restrain rising prices – caused a rise in unemployment. At the 1961 election the Menzies federal government narrowly retained government with 62 of 122 chairs and a two-party vote of 49.5 percent. The Menzies federal government managed to make use of Labor's divisions throughout the Cold War therefore the US alliance, winning an increased majority at what would-be Menzies' last election, the 1963 election. An incident which Calwell had been photographed located outside a-south Canberra hotel while the ALP government Executive was deciding policy also contributed on 1963 victory. This is 1st "television election" and Menzies, although nearly 70, shown a master associated with the latest medium. Menzies' policy address is televised on 12 November 1963, a way that "had nothing you've seen prior already been found in Australia". The effect of this form of political interaction ended up being learned by Colin Hughes and John west, just who posted their conclusions in 1966. This is it self 1st these types of detailed learn in Australian Continent.

In 1963, Menzies was appointed a Knight of this purchase of Thistle, your order becoming plumped for in recognition of their Scottish traditions. He's truly the only Australian previously appointed for this order, although three British governors-general of Australian Continent had been customers. He was the 2nd of just two Australian prime ministers to be knighted during their term of company.
Menzies fulfills around assistant of Defense Robert McNamara at Pentagon in Summer 1964

In 1965, Menzies dedicated Australian soldiers on Vietnam War, along with the reintroduction of conscription. These moves had been initially well-known, but later became problematic for their successors. Despite their pragmatic acceptance for the latest power stability inside Pacific after globe War II along with his strong assistance for the American alliance, he publicly professed proceeded admiration for links with Britain, exemplified by their admiration for Queen Elizabeth II, and famously described himself as "Brit on bootstraps". Over the decade, Australian Continent's ardour for Britain and the monarchy faded significantly, but Menzies' hadn't. At a function went to because of the Queen at Parliament residence, Canberra, in 1963, Menzies quoted the Elizabethan poet Thomas Ford, "I did but see the lady passing by, but I love her till I die".

While happy with their Scottish Presbyterian history, Menzies preached spiritual pluralism and threshold due to the fact norm for Australia.
In Australian politics the two-party-preferred vote may be the outcome of an election or advice poll after tastes were distributed to the last two events. For needs of TPP, the Liberal/National Coalition is normally considered one celebration, with Labor being one other biggest party. Usually the TPP try expressed as the percentages of ballots lured by each of the two biggest functions, e.g. "Coalition 55%, Labor 45%", in which the standards feature both main votes and preferences. The TPP try an indicator of just how much swing has been attained/is needed to change the outcome, considering tastes, which may need a substantial influence on the end result.

The TPP assumes a two-party program, for example. that after circulation of votes from less effective applicants, the 2 remaining applicants is going to be through the two biggest events. Yet some electorates this is simply not the outcome. The two-candidate-preferred vote may be the result after preferences have already been delivered, making use of instant-runoff voting, on final two prospects, irrespective of which party the candidates express. For electorates in which those two candidates come from the most important events, the TCP can also be the TPP. For electorates where these two candidates are not both through the big functions, needs is notionally delivered towards the two biggest functions to look for the TPP. In cases like this the TPP differs from TCP, and it is informative but does not have any effect on the election results. TPP success above seat-level, particularly a national or state-wide TPP, are also informative only and it has no outcome regarding election result.

The full allocation of choices under instant-runoff voting is employed within the lower homes for the government, Victorian, west Australian, Southern Australian, and Northern Territory parliaments, along with the higher residence of Tasmania. The New Southern Wales reduced home and Queensland incorporate optional-preference instant runoff voting – with a few ballots offering minimal or no choices, TPP/TCP isn't as significant. TPP/TCP will not occur in the Tasmanian lower house or perhaps the Australian Capital Territory because an alternative system entirely, the Hare-Clark proportional voting system. Besides Tasmania, TPP/TCP just isn't used in any other upper homes in Australia, with many making use of the group solution solitary transferable proportional voting program.
enzies resigned as Prime Minister on Australian Continent time 1966, and resigned from Parliament on 16 February, closing 32 many years in Parliament—most of these used on leading bench—and 38 ages as an elected formal. Up to now, Menzies may be the final Australian Prime Minister to leave company by himself terms. He had been been successful as Liberal celebration leader and Prime Minister by their former Treasurer, Harold Holt. He remaining workplace on age of 71 years, four weeks and 26 times, making your the earliest person ever becoming Prime Minister. Even though coalition stayed in energy for almost another seven ages, they did so under four various Prime Ministers.

On their pension he became the thirteenth Chancellor for the college of Melbourne and remained the pinnacle associated with institution from March 1967 until March 1972. A great deal earlier in the day, in 1942, he had received 1st honorary degree of physician of rules of Melbourne institution. His responsibility the revival and development of institution lifetime in Australia ended up being widely recognized by the honor of honorary degrees when you look at the Universities of Queensland, Adelaide, Tasmania, brand new South Wales, and Australian nationwide institution by thirteen universities in Canada, the usa and Britain, like Oxford and Cambridge. Numerous learned establishments, such as the Royal College of Surgeons in addition to Royal Australasian College of Physicians, elected him to Honorary Fellowships, therefore the Australian Academy of Science, that he supported its institution in 1954, made your a fellow in 1958.
Menzies had been Prime Minister for a complete of 18 ages, five months and 12 times, by far the longest-serving Australian Prime Minister. Their second term of 16 ages, 30 days and 7 days try by far the longest unbroken tenure because workplace. During his second term he ruled Australian politics as no one else has actually previously finished. He managed to live down the failures of his earliest term in workplace also to reconstruct the conservative side of politics from nadir they hit-in 1943. Menzies also performed much to build up higher education in Australian Continent making the increasing improvement Canberra one of is own huge jobs. However, it can also be mentioned that while retaining government on each celebration, Menzies missing the two-party-preferred vote in 1940, 1954, and 1961.

He had been the only Australian Prime Minister to endorse the appointment of four governors-general. Best two various other Prime Ministers need previously chosen several governor-general.

The Menzies era spotted Australian Continent come to be tremendously affluent people, with normal once a week income in 1965 50per cent higher in real terminology compared to 1945. The enhanced success enjoyed by most Australians in those times was combined with a general boost in leisure time, with all the five-day workweek becoming the norm because of the mid-Sixties, with three weeks of compensated yearly allow.

Several publications have now been filled up with anecdotes about Menzies. While he ended up being speaking in Williamstown, Victoria, in 1954, a heckler shouted, "I wouldn't vote for your needs if you were the Archangel Gabriel" – that Menzies coolly answered "easily were the Archangel Gabriel, I'm afraid you wouldn't take my constituency."

Planning the official biography of Menzies began soon after their demise, but it ended up being long-delayed by Dame Pattie Menzies' protection of the woman husband's profile and her refusal to co-operate with the appointed biographer. In 1991, the Menzies family appointed Professor A.W. Martin to create a biography, which appeared in two amounts, in 1993 and 1999. The nationwide Museum of Australia in Canberra keeps an important number of souvenirs concerning Robert Menzies, like a range of medals and civil honors obtained by Sir Robert including their Jubilee and Coronation medals, Order of Australia, partner of Honour and United States Legion of Merit. There are additionally many special presentation items including a walking stick, cigar bins, silver gravy ships from the Kooyong electorate and a silver inkstand provided by Queen Elizabeth II. Robert Menzies′ private library of nearly 4000 guides are presented at institution of Melbourne collection.

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Sir Robert Menzies, in full Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, (born Dec. 20, 1894, Jeparit, Victoria, Austl.—died May 15, 1978, Melbourne), statesman who, as prime minister of Australia (1939–41, 1949–66), strengthened military ties with the United States and fostered industrial growth and immigration from Europe.

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Robert Menzies Biography Robert Gordon Menzies was the longest serving Prime Minister of Australia. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (20 December 1894 - 14 May 1978) was the 12th Prime Minister of Australia.

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The Rt Hon. Sir Robert Menzies, KT, CH, FAA, FRS, QC (1966–1976) The Rt Hon. Sir Robert Menzies, KT, AK, CH, FAA, FRS, QC (1976 – 15 May 1978) Menzies ministries. Bust of Robert Menzies by sculptor Wallace Anderson located in the Prime Minister's Avenue in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

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Robert Menzies Biography, Life, Interesting Facts. From 1939 to 1941 and from 1949 to 1966 Sir Robert Menzies served as the Prime minister of Australia.He remained in the seat for over a decade, but his second term was regarded as the longest tenure to date.

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Sir Robert Menzies died in 1978. In 1992 Dame Pattie moved back to Melbourne from Canberra to live with her daughter, Heather Henderson. She was a founding member and first patron of the Australian Monarchist League .

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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT, AK, CH, PC, QC, FAA, FRS (20 December 1894 – 15 May 1978), was the Prime Minister of Australia from 1939 to 1941 and again from 1949 to 1966.

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According to his biography in the Australian Dictionary of Biography, ... September 1939. Australian Prime Minister, Robert Menzies, with his British counterpart, Sir Winston Churchill, London 1941. Menzies hosting a royal visit of Queen Elizabeth II. Grave of Sir Robert and Dame Pattie Menzies, Melbourne General Cemetery. The Menzies Spire at ...

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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies. Sir Robert Gordon Menzies (1894-1978) was an Australian political leader and statesman. During his term as prime minister, from 1949 to 1966, Australia underwent notable economic advance.. Robert Gordon Menzies was born at Jeparit, Victoria, on Dec. 20, 1894.

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Sir Robert Gordon Menzies, KT AK CH FAA FRS QC, (20 December 1894 – 15 May 1978) was an Australian politician and the 12th Prime Minister of Australia. Serving a collective total of over 18 years, he is Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister. Robert Gordon Menzies was born to James Menzies...