T2 Kombi VW transporter workshop manual First Edition Books

T2 Kombi VW transporter workshop manual

State ‘campervan’, and a lot of people’s ideas inevitably look to the iconic Volkswagen kind 2 Transporter. For sale in a bewildering selection of variants, the first-generation ‘T1’ means 2 had been replaced in late 1967 by a facelifted variation, the

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features:* Tune-up and oil change: specifications and procedures for all models up through the latest 1979 motor car* Troubleshooting replacing or repairing every component of the wiring - with complete wiring diagrams* Troubleshooting and repair of the EFI system used on 1975 and later models* Troubleshooting repairing and rebuilding the clutch manual transmission and automatic transmission* Rebuilding the carburetor - including dual carburetors* Rebuilding disc and drum braking system* Rebuilding the front axle and Rack and pinion gearbox* Comprehensive motor maintenance and rebuilding data - including 1978 and later engines with hydraulic valve lifters* Spark advance curves for all distributors-including the transistorized ignition system used on 1979* California models: Emission controls-including 1973 and later exhaust gas recirculation systems and the 1973 and 1974 air injection system* Adjusting passenger doors and sliding cargo doors* Official Volkswagen tolerances wear limits settings and tightening torque specifications for every part of your motor carContents:* Body and Frame* Front Axle* Fuel System* wiring* Engine and Clutch* click here.....

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legendary split-screen Transporter and is the second of five generations of van so far given the Transporter name by VW. Even the poorest examples of the Bay now fetch significant money and imports from drier climes continue to appear on British roads so the case for restoring one of these hugely popular vehicles is increasingly attractive. Using the trusted Haynes practical progressive approach this all-colour manual follows the restoration of a 1979 Devon camper from beginning to end and provides expert advice on the problems likely to be encountered when working on vehicles that have seen over 35 years of use and in Britain as many years of rain salt and mud. This is the only guide to restoring (or part-restoring) a 'Bay' you will ever need. extra

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Repair Manuals click here Volkswagen VW Commercial Type 2 Series 1973 - 1981 Gregorys Owners Service Repair Manual covers the Type 2 Series Commercial Models. motors covered: 1700 cubic centimetre 1800 cubic centimetre 2000 cubic centimetre (four cylinder) (Includes carburettor and Jetronic fuel systems Manual and Automatic). Covers everything you need to know step by step procedures hundreds of photographs and illustrations scheduled upkeep electrical schematics repairs and overhauls and what tools to buy. Gregory's manuals are based on an actual vehicle disassembly and are researched and written by automotive motorers with vast experience. information

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maintenance cooling and heating airconditioner maintenance fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes steering and suspension wirings and electrical schematics.Haynes workshop and service manuals are money saving on maintenance and repair bills. Step-by-step procedures and illustrations guide you through every job from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed engines can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. click here

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Bay Window Bus. With over 1500 mainly colour photos it guides the reader clearly through body and chassis repairs paint work interior re-trimming and most common mechanical problems. The skills techniques and even the tools needed to complete these tasks are explained in jargon free language to ensure that even those enthusiasts with no previous restoration experience will feel confident in sorting out their Bus. An indispensable and unique guide for lovers of these fast appreciating classics. Integracar attempts to supply a diverse spectrum of maintenance guides. Although repair manuals can sometimes be produced for a range of countries and the cars put together for those countries. Hence not all service manuals may be best for your selected motor vehicle. If you have concerns whether or not a specific service manual is good for your vehicle please e-mail us hereHow to Restore Volkswagen (bay Window) Bus by Mark Paxton information

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alternative body or camper conversions produced by specialist manufacturers. Does NOT cover water-cooled or Diesel engines.Inside this manual you will find: scheduled upkeep routine engine tuning motor maintenance cooling and heating air-conditioning fuel and exhaust emissions control ignition brakes steering and suspension electrical systems and electrical schematics.Haynes workshop and service manuals are money saving on bills for repair and maintenance. progressive procedures and illustrations give you guidance for every task from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. here

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but the many variations panel van pick-up truck double-cab pick-up and highroof panel van. This is a re-issue of one of the most popular titles from the celebrated Original series a cubic centimetre epted by classic car owners buyers and enthusiasts as the definitive source of advice on correct original and authentic specifications and equipment drawn from factory records parts lists and catalogues as well as the a cubic centimetre umulated knowledge of the most respected restorers. Integracar tries to provide a large collection of owners guides. Nevertheless workshop manuals can sometimes be designed for numerous different countries and the vehicles engineered for those nations. This is why not all owners manuals may be right for your individual car. If you have any questions whether a individual maintenance manual is best for your car please get in contact with us hereOriginal VW Bus by Laurence Meredith click to go

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steering electrical systems and electrical schematics.Haynes repair manuals can save you money on maintenance and repair bills. progressive procedures and illustrations give you guidance for every task from basic maintenance and troubleshooting to complete teardown rebuild. Information on Repair and Service Manuals Note that repair manuals are normally produced for models sold in a particular country. Differences in specification can exist between models sold in different countries and items such as installed motors can differ. Please check that the manual will cover your model before purchase and if you need more detail please contact us here.. extra

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centimetre 1954 - 1964 * Volkswagen Kombi Micro-Bus 1200 cubic centimetre 1954 - 1964 * Volkswagen Van Pick-Up 1500 cubic centimetre 1963 - 1967 * Volkswagen Kombi Micro-Bus 1500 cubic centimetre 1963 - 1967 Contents: * motor * Fuel System * Ignition System * Cooling and Heating System * Clutch * gearbox * Rear Axle and springs and shock absorbers * Front springs and shock absorbers * Rack and pinion * Braking System * Electrical System * Wiring Diagram for '1200' Transporter (30hp) * Wiring Diagram for '1200' Transporter (34hp) * Wiring Diagram for Transporter from August 1962 and Chassis Number 971.550 * Wiring Diagram for Transporter with 12 Volt System (from August 1966 and Chassis Number 217.000.001) * vehicle body . more information.....

State ‘campervan’, and a lot of people’s ideas inevitably look to the iconic Volkswagen kind 2 Transporter. Built from 1951 – and thus designated due to the fact Beetle was ‘Type 1’ – the softly-cornered and box-shaped van ended up being the creation of Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon just who saw the possibility in a small commercial automobile which provided an identical technical makeup into the bug-shaped passenger car. Today affectionately referred to as a ‘Splitty’ because of its separate windscreen, this newer size of VW shown popular.

For sale in a bewildering selection of variants, the first-generation ‘T1’ means 2 had been replaced in late 1967 by a facelifted variation, the kind 2 ‘Bay Window’, so-called because of its single-piece panoramic windscreen. Whilst general style hadn’t changed, the leading end ended up being newer than that of the T1 as well as the overall look had been probably less graceful than its forerunner. Manufactured in Europe for 12 many years, the angular third-generation ‘T3/T25’ changed it in 1979.

Formal or third-party campervan sales have already been an element of the Volkswagen Transporter range since 1951, the past kind 2s being stated in Brazil during 2013. We’re driving the late ‘Bay Window’ Type 2 right here created after 1971 and owned by successful Campers, a Volkswagen campervan leasing business based in Essex.

Fashionable both in European countries additionally the people, many companies took the cover off a Volkswagen Transporter or Microbus and produced a property from home. With exotic-sounding brands eg ‘Moonraker’, ’Sunlander’ and ’Sundowner’, Devon particularly guaranteed drives and Type 2s of adventure.

Perhaps many clearly when you look at the UK, the Ford Transit supplied homegrown competition into the lighter commercial VW throughout the sixties, with Dormobile conversion rates of both they additionally the Bedford CA van supposed bumper-to-bumper with regards to brand new German competitor within the campervan market. These days, while a whole new Volkswagen Ca might offer all of the glamping luxuries their £37,657 starting price affords, a sort 2 offers retro elegant, if not much heat in those dark winter nights.

Even though you is likely to be protected from elements, for the true camping experience, you might always decide for one of Volkswagen’s cheaper £250 Type 2-shaped tents which are close in proportions to the real van. Or, when it comes to cost of a good-condition bay-window means 2, an entire heap of nights in a warm Travelodge as well as one night into the Royal Two Bedroom Suite during large period at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah resort in Dubai.

Four biggest machines driven the bay-window means 2 so that as using Beetle alongside contemporary Volkswagens, a programme of constant improvements and updates saw worthwhile modifications through the Type 2’s lifecycle. Early Type 2s put the Beetle’s 1600cc ‘upright’ four-cylinder air-cooled device.

Revisions in 1972 saw the twin-carburettor 1.7-litre flat-four ‘pancake’ system – so-called as it lays level versus upright in engine bay – with 66bhp from the Volkswagen Type 4 installed into the van, while a year later on, a 68bhp 1800cc unit became a choice. Finally, a 70bhp 2.0-litre version of exactly the same Type 4 saloon engine was provided. Should you find a sort ‘2c’ Brazilian or Mexican design built from 1995 to 2013, these were fitted with latest water-cooled Volkswagen machines, like a 1.4-litre unit from Polo which could run-on petrol or ethanol.

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Retro Road-test: Volkswagen Kind 2 camper
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Retro Road Test: Volkswagen Type 2 camper

State ‘campervan’, and most people’s thoughts undoubtedly move to the iconic Volkswagen means 2 Transporter. Built from 1951 – and so designated as Beetle was ‘Type 1’ – the softly-cornered and box-shaped van was the brainchild of Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon just who saw the potential in a tiny commercial automobile which shared an equivalent mechanical makeup on bug-shaped passenger vehicle. Today affectionately described as a ‘Splitty’ because separate windscreen, this latest size of VW shown popular.

For sale in a bewildering selection of alternatives, the first-generation ‘T1’ kind 2 had been replaced in late 1967 by a facelifted variation, the nature 2 ‘Bay Window’, alleged because of its single-piece panoramic windscreen. Whilst the total style hadn’t altered, the leading end was more contemporary than that of the T1 while the look and feel had been perhaps less elegant than their forerunner. Manufactured in European countries for 12 many years, the angular third-generation ‘T3/T25’ replaced it in 1979.

Formal or third-party campervan conversion rates were part of the Volkswagen Transporter number since 1951, the past kind 2s being manufactured in Brazil during 2013. We’re travel the belated ‘Bay Window’ means 2 here created after 1971 and possessed by Happy Campers, a Volkswagen campervan leasing company situated in Essex.

Prominent in both Europe together with United States, many companies took the cover off a Volkswagen Transporter or Microbus and developed a property from your home. With exotic-sounding brands particularly ‘Moonraker’, ’Sunlander’ and ’Sundowner’, Devon particularly guaranteed drives and Type 2s of adventure.
What are its rivals?

Exactly what are its competitors?

Maybe most obviously in the UK, the Ford Transit offered homegrown competitors toward lighter commercial VW during 1960s, with Dormobile conversion rates of both it and Bedford CA van supposed bumper-to-bumper using their new German competitor into the campervan market. Nowadays, while a fresh Volkswagen Ca might offering all glamping luxuries their £37,657 starting price affords, a sort 2 provides retro trendy, if not much warmth in those dark winter months evenings.

Although you will likely be protected through the elements, for the real camping experience, you could constantly go for one of Volkswagen’s cheaper £250 Type 2-shaped tents which are similar in size towards the actual van. Or, for price of a good-condition Bay Window kind 2, an entire heap of nights in a warm Travelodge and on occasion even one night in Royal Two room package during large period in the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel in Dubai.
Exactly what system do it utilize?

Just what engine do it use?

Four primary machines powered the Bay Window kind 2 and as with the Beetle and other modern Volkswagens, a programme of constant modifications and updates spotted worthwhile changes through the Type 2’s lifecycle. Early-type 2s put the Beetle’s 1600cc ‘upright’ four-cylinder air-cooled unit.

News in 1972 saw the twin-carburettor 1.7-litre flat-four ‘pancake’ engine – alleged given that it lays level versus upright in system bay – with 66bhp from Volkswagen Type 4 fitted into the van, while a year later, a 68bhp 1800cc product became a choice. Eventually, a 70bhp 2.0-litre version of exactly the same kind 4 saloon motor had been made available. If you find a sort ‘2c’ Brazilian or Mexican design built from 1995 to 2013, these were installed with latest water-cooled Volkswagen engines, including a 1.4-litre product from the Polo which may operate on petrol or ethanol.

If you’ve any ideas about campervans and speeds, most useful abandon all of them here. The 1974 Westfalia-converted van within our images are run on the 1600cc 50bhp flat-four, and a little production motor and a 1,300-1,500kg kerb pounds never render high-speed or results bedfellows. Don’t ‘budget’ groing through 50mph either: only accept the bumbling nature associated with Type 2 therefore’ll feel good. Oh, and disregard the queue of visitors behind your which will snake behind both you and anticipate to pull-over to allow that traffic pass your. On a regular basis.

Grip the thin tyre – bus-like, unsurprisingly – and luxuriate in the upright driving place. As soon as you’re on the go, become slow using wand-like gearstick. It’s maybe not probably the most good of changes, although with best four rates, at least you will find only a little amounts to perfect. The brakes is everything you might expect of an automobile largely in line with the Beetle: they are doing end your, but you need to think ahead. About the off-beat throb associated with the air-cooled system try a satisfying and archetypal soundtrack.

According to transformation, exposure try both great or bad. Classed among the most readily useful and prestigious means 2 camper sales, the Westfalia comes with a range of nicely setup cupboards and furnishings. But while they allow it to be hugely useful, they mar rearward exposure notably. Various other conversion rates feature storage units below screen level, which mean anything you read out from the windows try beyond the physical measurements of this van. A lot easier when wanting to park – unimpeded sight and a sizable glass area indicates you know wherever the extremities tend to be.

With many versions regarding the Bay Window Type 2 campervan becoming over 40 yrs old, reliability can occasionally feel an issue. Batteries can pull charge if kept standing for long periods of time, whilst system tryn’t the simplest of products to access, being successfully caught in a reasonably tight box beneath the straight back screen. Access to these electric battery are an issue, according to where in system bay it’s positioned.

On the plus side, the age of Type 2s mean mechanicals become relatively simple, and shared commonality with other Volkswagen systems indicate there are lots of free section offered by areas like really Kampers and VW history. A 1.6-litre twin-port reconditioned system prices from £1,500, while a 1972-1979 front panel begins at £157. Doorways were priced from £315. In regular use, expect gas economy to greatest on at around 25 kilometers per gallon.

The first means 2’s leisurely speed and old-feeling settings truly restrict it to country roads only in the place of fast-flowing motorways. But don’t have also overly enthusiastic on those leafy lanes, though – it cann’t really manage as such, simply charmingly lollops from spot to part. Their boxy shape suggests it's very useful, though, while can actually bring anything involved with it a family would need for a weekend away. As well as the numerous self storage, sink, hob and fridge, there’s also a ‘rock ’n’ roll’ fold-down sleep, and, about this specific Westfalia, an elevating roofing with additional resting room for just two. Perfect for adventurous family who would like to go up the very nearly literal wood slope to sleep.

Bay-window means 2 campervans fall into three systems: Type ‘2a’ curved bumper products had been built before 1972, while the Type ‘2b’ vans which followed is distinguished by their level and square box-type bumpers. Type ‘2c’ automobiles would be the later and pricier South American-built versions with additional latest, frequently water-cooled machines. If you’re considering going down the VW camper path, the main thing to look out for are rust.

The bottom six ins of van requires particular focus, particularly all over wheel arches, chassis box sections, as well as the sills. But, higher-up, roofing gutters could be vunerable to the dreaded tin worm, as can the areas behind leading chairs inside van. Furthermore seek perishing seals and non-rippled panels on those slabby sides.

Mechanically, oil leaks round the gearbox flange usually means the motor must be eliminated to correct a worn out rear crankshaft seal, while bearings into the gearboxes on their own are known to whine. Furthermore, move the crankshaft pulley forwards and backwards to evaluate motion – if it seems free with loads enjoy, there is certainly probably inner bearing use and the motor need rebuilding. Likewise, check the steering for play, too.

Heating units and settings which seem to maybe not run often means newer heat exchangers, and you'll have to summary cozy, as some T2 campers haven't any or small working home heating after all. The standard program try well known for its inefficiency whilst the warm air from the motor must see their way to leading of van. Aftermarket additional petrol heaters can be, and sometimes tend to be, fitted and these will have to become examined for procedure. Petrol smells indicate worn-out plastic pipelines and supply tanks may also rust through.

In addition be aware of a 12V design unlike a 6V van, given that stronger program is both most reliable including demonstrably being more comfortable and of use. On the subject of electrics, try to ascertain whether most of the essential and desirable camping ancillaries including the fridge work and check the state regarding the leisure power.

Check that the excess ancillaries all services, too – broken liquid taps, hob burners and inoperative fridges would make a sunday away considerably gloomy than glamping. If a pop-top or elevating roof is equipped, check the fabric aren’t torn or saturated in mould, hence it really works properly and it has all of the required fly screens and other defense against all insect-sized wildlife you may experience in the wild.

The Volkswagen Transporter was given an intensive overhaul and relaunched in 1968. The next generation is known as the kind 2, and was carefully re-engineered the 1970s - yet, it appeared refreshingly familar for many who have cultivated attached to the older T1. The largest solitary modification had been the single-piece windscreen, which retrospectively acquired the design the nickname of this ‘Bay screen.’

This variation is better to push with enhanced suspension system and visibility; at introduction it was run on the 1584cc air-cooled flat-four, but this is enhanced to 1679cc in 1971, when disc brakes had been also included. By the time European set up found an end in 1978, the Camper had been powered by a 1970cc engine, yet it was however relatively underpowered. Nowadays, they're abundant, cool and an effective 'scene' automobile. Production concluded in Brazil at the end of 2013 - using best group of campers for Danbury arriving on these shores during the early 2014.


Corrosion is a problem
Renovation is not simple and costly
Underpowered unless tuned
Wobbly road ways unless enhanced


On campers, look at the quality of separate charging techniques or leisure electric batteries, and in addition any aftermarket add-ons that have certainly already been fitted along the way.
As for interiors - repro and personalized trim is the greatest way to get immaculate insides, as originals are now near-unobtainium. Earliest seating tend to be unusual, but re-trimming is easy.
Maintenance is simple and straightforward - motor reduction try easy for bigger work.
Gearboxes trigger little problems after all.
Check out the engine for signs of wear - blue smoke is a giveaway for worn bands or bores. Rebuilding is not difficult and inexpensive, and secondhand machines were plentiful. It is possible to swap motors between versions just.
Pre-1960 Type 2s with the 1192cc engine brake that guideline - the initial parts become difficult to find and a lot more pricey.
Search for signs and symptoms of overheating - close flat-fours can operate for hours without getting hot.
Pulling in the fan buckle pulley to check on for crankshaft float - if there is aesthetic motion, the key bearings become shot while need a rebuild.
Make sure the oils has-been changed every 3000 miles.
Search for rusty heat exchanger - you realize since the heater won't be working additionally the inside smells of exhaust fumes.
Look at the steering free of charge play, however bearing needs looking at, it is easily flexible.
If it's the kingpin, repair kits can be obtained, complete with all bushes, bearings, shims and seals.
If it is decreased, ensure this has been performed correcly - in the event that ray axle has been cut, check the top-notch the weld is great, without anxiety or cracks etcetera.
Test drum brake system aren't experiencing leaking wheel cylinders - easy to fix, although not always inexpensive.
Rusty panels - latest people are readily available from the rack.
The main locations to test for rust are the sills, wheelarches, door bottoms and front side valance.
Closely look at the floorpan, such as, at the front end.
Framework rails may also be worrisome, which is a problem as they are tought to repair correctly.
Other rust places: inner wheelarches, electric battery tray, additionally the leading edge of the roofing.
Check out the cotton-covered plastic hose pipe for indication of perishing - it's a complex and sometimes hot run from petrol above the backside axle to the engine - this should become changed regularly.
Pre-1966 six-volt electrics specifically susceptible to bad contacts and bad earths - more have been enhanced to 12-volt methods.
The Volkswagen kind 2, known formally whilst the Transporter, Kombi or Microbus, or, informally, given that Bus or Camper, try a forward control panel van launched in 1950 by the German automaker Volkswagen as its 2nd car design. Appropriate – and at first deriving from Volkswagen's earliest model, the sort 1 – it absolutely was because of the factory designation Type 2.

Among the forerunners regarding the latest cargo and traveler vans, the Type 2 gave rise to forward controls competitors in america when you look at the 1960s, including the Ford Econoline, the Dodge A100, additionally the Chevrolet Corvair 95 Corvan, the second following the sort 2's rear-engine configuration.

European competitors included the 1947-1981 Citroën H Van, the 1959-1980 Renault Estafette, in addition to 1953-1965 FR layout Ford transportation.

Japanese providers additionally launched the working platform in numerous configurations, including the Nissan Caravan, Toyota LiteAce while the Subaru Sambar.

Such as the Beetle, the van has received many nicknames global, such as the "microbus", "minibus", and, due to the popularity during the counterculture motion of this 1960s, Hippie van/wagon, whilst still being stays iconic for a lot of hippies nowadays.

Brazil included the past factory in the field that created the T2. Manufacturing in Brazil stopped on December 31, 2013, as a result of introduction of much more strict security regulations in the country. This marks the end of an era using rear-engine Volkswagens manufactured, which originated in 1935 with their means 1 prototypes.

The concept when it comes to Type 2 was paid to Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon. Pon went to Wolfsburg in 1946, intending to buying Type 1s for import into Netherlands, in which he saw an improvised parts-mover and noticed one thing best ended up being feasible utilising the stock means 1 pan. He very first sketched the van in a doodle dated April 23, 1947, proposing a payload of 690 kg and putting the motorist within extremely forward. Production would need to wait, but whilst the factory is at capacity creating the nature 1.

When capability freed up, a model understood internally given that means 29 had been produced in a short 90 days. The inventory Type 1 pan became also poor so the prototype utilized a ladder framework with device human anatomy construction. Coincidentally the wheelbase was the same as the nature 1's. Engineers used again the reduction equipment from the kind 81, allowing the 1.5 great deal van to make use of a 25 hp level four system.

Although the aerodynamics of this first prototypes had been poor, designers used the wind tunnel on Technical institution of Braunschweig to optimize the look. Easy adjustment such splitting the windshield and roofline into a "vee" assisted the production kind 2 get Cd=0.44, exceeding the nature 1's Cd=0.48. Volkswagen's brand-new ceo Heinz Nordhoff accepted the van for manufacturing on 19 might 1949 while the earliest manufacturing model, today designated kind 2, rolled off the assembly-line to debut 12 November. Best two models were provided: the Kombi, together with Commercial. The Microbus is added in-may 1950, accompanied because of the Deluxe Microbus in June 1951. Throughout 9,541 Type 2s are stated in their particular first year of production.

An ambulance model is included in December 1951 which repositioned the gasoline container as you're watching transaxle, put the free tire behind the leading seat, and added a "tailgate"-style back home. These functions became standard regarding Type 2 from 1955 to 1967. 11,805 Type 2s were built-in the 1951 design 12 months. These were joined up with by a single-cab pickup in August 1952, and it also altered the smallest amount of of Type 2s until all are greatly altered in 1968.

Unlike more back motor Volkswagens, which developed constantly as time passes but never saw the development of all-new versions, the Transporter not merely evolved, but was totally modified sporadically with modifications retrospectively named variations "T1" to "T5". However, only years T1 to T3 can be seen as directly linked to the Beetle.

The nature 2, combined with 1947 Citroën H Van, were among the first 'forward controls' vans in which the motorist is placed above the front side roadwheels. They begun a trend in European countries, where in actuality the 1952 GM Bedford CA, 1958 RAF-977, 1959 Renault Estafette, 1960 BMC Morris J4, and 1960 Commer FC in addition put the idea. In america, the Corvair-based Chevrolet Corvan cargo van and Greenbrier passenger van gone in terms of to copy the nature 2's rear-engine layout, utilising the Corvair's horizontally opposed, air-cooled system for power. Aside from the Greenbrier and different 1950s–70s Fiat minivans, the Type 2 stayed unique in-being rear-engined. It was a disadvantage for the early "barndoor" Panel Vans, which may not effortlessly be packed through the rear because the system cover intruded on interior space, but generally speaking advantageous in grip and interior noise.

In late 1967, the 2nd generation of Volkswagen means 2 had been introduced. It had been built-in Germany until 1979. In Mexico, the Volkswagen Kombi and Panel were made out of 1970 to 1994. Brands before 1971 tend to be called the T2a, while models after 1972 are called the T2b.
1978 Volkswagen Transporter Pickup
1973–1980 Volkswagen Kombi van
T2 made use of as an ambulance in Brazil

This second-generation Type 2 shed their unique separate front side windshield, and had been somewhat bigger and dramatically thicker than their forerunner. Their common nicknames were Breadloaf and Bay-window, or Loaf and Bay for short. At 1.6 L and 35 kW DIN, the engine was also a little larger. Battery pack and electrical program had been enhanced to 12 volts, making it incompatible with electric accessories through the earlier generation. The new model additionally performed away using the swing axle rear suspension system and transfer bins previously used to increase ride height. As an alternative, half-shaft axles fitted with constant velocity joints lifted trip height without having the crazy changes in camber associated with the Beetle-based move axle suspension. The updated Bus transaxle is usually sought after by off-road racers utilizing air-cooled Volkswagen components.

The T2b is launched by means of progressive change-over 3 years. The initial brands showcased rounded bumpers integrating one step for usage as soon as the home ended up being open, front doors that launched to 90° from human body, no lip on the forward protections, special engine hatches, and crescent atmosphere intakes in D-pillars. The 1971 kind 2 showcased a fresh, 1.6 L engine with double intake harbors on each cylinder head and is DIN-rated at 37 kW. An important changes came with the development of front disc brake system and latest roadwheels with braking system air flow holes and flatter hubcaps. Up until 1972, forward indicators become ready lower from the nose without at the top of either region of the outdoors grille – giving increase for their getting nicknamed "Low lighting". 1972's more prominent modification was a bigger system compartment to match the more expensive 1.7- to 2.0-litre machines from Volkswagen means 4, and a redesigned buttocks which eradicated the detachable rear apron and launched the bigger late tail lighting. The air inlets were in addition enlarged to support the increased cooling environment desires associated with the larger machines.

In 1971 the 1600cc kind 1 motor as utilized in the Beetle, is supplemented using 1700cc Type 4 system – as it is originally designed for the sort 4 products. European vans held the option of upright lover means 1 1600 system however the 1700 Type 4 became standard for US spec brands.
Pre-facelift and facelifted Volkswagen Kombi vans

Inside means 2, the kind 4 system was an alternative for 1972 model year onward. This motor had been standard in models destined for the US and Canada. Just with the kind 4 engine did an automatic transmission be readily available for the first time in 1973 model 12 months. Both engines displaced 1.7 L, DIN-rated at 49 kW because of the manual transmission and 46 kW utilizing the automatic. The Type 4 engine ended up being increased to 1.8 L and 50 kW DIN when it comes to 1974 model 12 months and once again to 2.0 L and 52 kW DIN for the 1976 model season. The two-litre solution appeared in South African manufactured designs during 1976, originally only in a comparably well-equipped "government" model. The 1978 2.0 L today showcased hydraulic device lifters, getting rid of the necessity to occasionally adjust the valve clearances as on early in the day designs. The 1975 and later U.S. design many years obtained Bosch L-Jetronic electronic gas shot as standard equipment; 1978 ended up being 1st year for digital ignition, utilizing a hall result sensor and electronic operator, getting rid of maintenance-requiring contact-breaker things. As with all Transporter motors, the main focus in development was not on power, but on low-end torque. The nature 4 engines were somewhat more robust and durable compared to the means 1 machines, particularly in Transporter services.

In 1972, when it comes to 1973 model 12 months, external changes included relocated front turn signs, squared down and put greater into the valance, above the headlights. Furthermore, square-profiled bumpers, which became standard until the end associated with T2 in 1979, were introduced in 1973. Crash safety improved with this specific changes because of a compressible framework behind the front bumper. This implied your T2b was effective at fulfilling US security guidelines for traveler automobiles of times, though not essential of vans. The "VW" emblem from the front side valance became somewhat small.

Later on model adjustment were mainly mechanical. By 1974, the T2 had attained its final form. Extremely late inside T2's design life, through the belated 1970s, the very first prototypes of Type 2 vans with four-wheel drive were built and tested.