Teach Yourself Arabic Conversation Booklet and 3CDs

Teach Yourself Arabic Conversation By Jane Wightwick Mahmoud Gaafar Get Other Arabic language learning Audio click here Teach Yourself Arabic Conversation – Booklet and 3 Audio CDs Brand New : . 3 CDs This stand-alone all-audio course can be used by those who have little or no knowledge of the language by those who want to learn or brush up basic conversation skills and by more advanced learners who require extra audio material to complement their current courses. Egyptian and Iraqi voices are used on the recording so this course can be used with confidence by visitors to the Levant and Gulf areas. Indications are also given of where North African usage diverges. The ten units or conversations cover the situations you are most likely to find yourself in while on holiday or on business abroad. They are divided into two parts with a dialogue in each part. The dialogue in Part 2 reuses the vocabulary and phrases from Part 1 in a slightly different context. Both parts start with an introduction to the words and phrases youll need followed by the dialogue. Finally its Over to you: you take part in the same dialogues following the English prompts playing all the roles in turn. So you get lots of opportunity to practise! Frequent track markers divide the CDs up into short easy-to-use clips.Vocabulary and phrases in the first two CDs are kept to the basics and are introduced gradually with lots of opportunity to repeat and practise to improve your confidence in both speaking and understanding. The third CD concentrates on helping you improve your understanding so that you will be able to hold two-way conversations with people who speak very fast or use words and phrases you do not know.The course comes on three 75-minute CDs and has an accompanying 48-page booklet which gives t information

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