The Faerie Cottage – Alicen Geddes-Ward – AudioBook CD

The Faerie Cottage by Alicen Geddes-Ward 1CD Meditation Audio CD Get other Guided Meditation AudioBooks click here The Faerie Cottage – Alicen Geddes-Ward – Audio Book CD Brand New (1 CD): About The Faerie Cottage This is a CD to fire your imagination awaken your creativity and to create a sacred space where you can relax and unwind and embark on a magical journey of self-discovery. The Faerie Cottage provides advice on how to meditate with the faeries where you are guided through the four elements of the entrancing Land of Elphame. Alicen guides the faerie seeker on a journey into the faerie realms. Find the faerie cottage like a bejewelled secret waiting as a haven to begin walking the sparkling pathway to Faerie Land. Watch the winged faerie sylphs the dancing salamanders of fire enter the world of the alluring undines and mermaids and let your imagination roam with the gnomes of the crystal caves. The Faerie Cottage invites the faerie seeker to delve into the magic of the imagination and the journey of discovery that it awakens. About Alicen Geddes-Ward Alicen Geddes-Ward works as a writer and Faerie Priestess and travels extensively throughout the UK giving workshops and lectures on Faeriecraft. She regularly contributes to New Age and Wiccan magazines and has also had numerous plays performed internationally on Faerie/esoteric themes. She has appeared on TV and in magazines and has been described as the UKs leading exponent on Faeries. Visionary artist Neil Geddes-Ward is one of the founding members of the prestigious British Visionary Artists Group. His word has appeared on CDs and on TV; in books; and in magazines in the UK the USA and Australia. The Faerie Cottage – Alicen Geddes-Ward – Audio Book CD much more info

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