Vintage PMG 300 series Wallphone Telephone refurbished

Vintage Black Bakelite PMG 300 AWH Wallphone Telephone 1952 The last of the bakelite phones introduced in the 1950s. The Wallphones are very rare. The phone is very heavy weighing 2.3 kg. This is a rare vintage phone. It has been cleaned and refurbished and is good mechanical order. It has some small surface scratching as would be expected on a restored 50 year old phone. The bells ring lound and clear and transmission is good. Note this has a plate at the rear of the phone that needs to be unscrewed and mounted through onto the wall. Dials decadic it will not dial DTMF tones that you use for voicemail/call centres etc. However it dials telephone numbers fine information on decadic here. The bakelite black telephone comes with with a RJ11 phone cable that fits RJ12 sockets like these. If you have old Telecom/PMG 610 sockets you may need an 610 adaptor here. or other adaptors here you may need an ADSL filter information on ADSL with retro phones here. Vintage Black Bakelite PMG 300 Wallphone Telephone 1950s more tips

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